Mercedes CL500 and S500 2011 have a new V8 M278 Twin-Turbo!

First test of the Mercedes CL 500 The subtle facelift could overlook the smooth - but to pass him, that is hardly a new 4.7-liter V8 with 435 hp and 700 Nm the heavy luxury coupe to driving an impressive longitudinal dynamics.

Mercedes CL500 and S500 2011 have a new V8  M278 Twin-Turbo!
He has ausgebrabbelt, M273 is leaving us.

Torpedoed by coming CO2 emissions standards and requirements, must take one of the top eight cylinders of the world's top hat. They perform a drop finest 0W40 from the corner of my eye? Us.

Quite a few say, a better engine was built by the Stuttgart before. But the stars are just bad for naturally aspirated engines, be they ever so flexible and economical as M273 - better known as the 500. And that's why Mercedes makes short work of the CL 500. Even just four years old 6.2-liter AMG V8 engine gives the camp soon for the new twin turbo V8 series (then known as M157).

Turbo, direct injection - that sounds like workshop subscription for the Mercedes CL 500

Now it catches even the Mercedes CL 500 For the facelift of the luxury liner the Unzternehmen the new M278 goes offline to the drive shaft. Warily eyed by all who valued the life of the large volume suction cup so much. M278 is smaller - 4.7 liters instead of 5.5 - more - 435 instead of 388 hp - and can blow a turbo per cylinder bank, including direct injection. It sounds to traditionalists like a subscription for the workshop.

Mercedes CL 500 must be no three more miracles

We will see - and feel: The beginning of the new 90-degree block sprayed the first time 0W40-tear on the headrest and slaps the 2.1-tonne Mercedes CL 500 in the test as easily as before, the front cylinder of the dozen 600. the predecessor indulged yet a subtle power sink below 2,000 rpm, to start the new Mercedes CL 500 with the maximum power of 700 Nm so impulsive about the fact that older drivers should think about a stronger adhesive cream for the third party.

Since then he has to be no three more miracles: At 6,500 rpm the end. In 4.6 seconds, the test result (works: 4.9), purrs the speedometer needle on 100th Tempo Although earlier it was all gorgeous, much is obvious today even more magnificent.

No offense, old fellow, but the new aluminum-powered car looks like clockwork with testosterone and bursting with strength and determination. detect the tiny turbo lag at the Mercedes CL 500, calls for more mischief than subtlety. These are very elegant V8 bass bubbles still a hair-profile on the forearm. Provided through the open window fresh air flows. For in the closed interior part load it hums quietly in the test as a Swabian housewife in the sweep week.

The lady would certainly goutieren also very pleased that the Daimler (such as the Schwabe says) in the test consumed significantly less than ten liters of minimal levels off and even with some researchers driving at around 13 liters per 100 km. How fast the seven-speed automatic with start-stop system (wonderfully soft) and as required controlled systems (alternator, power steering and air conditioning) have their share. This ambivalence of emotion and sophistication, power and thrift M278 makes more than a worthy successor to M273. He was promoted from the start to the motor giant.

Which is 90 percent of the facelift would be discussed. What else is there? The grille now seeks more pointed to the front - where Mercedes is supposed to be known, according to CEO Dieter Zetsche, and the light units look fierce with their LED eye shadow. The road performance is excellent, however. At least as long as one of the CL as a fast journey back and not indicated as a curve scratches. Otherwise, the Swabians arrow cozy indirectness disclosed in response to rapid steering response and a conservative ESP consequence to slow the fun unambiguous.

The latter is the Mercedes CL 500 makes very happy. He delayed the test independently the dangerous lane changes, the lane departure and curiously enough, even in curved tunnels, which interprets the emergency brake to use as "an insurmountable obstacle - not just for the joy of following traffic. And he stops on the pedal command - which there is also - with outstanding levels by 36 meters from 100 km / h. Anyone who buys a Mercedes CL 500, the wild years behind.

Cuddly soft comfort and conservative interior

Serve with the largely unchanged Baroque-conservative interior of the Mercedes CL 500 with the excellent standard, but cumbersome assistance function operation. Also ensnared his passengers, the electro-hydraulic controlled ABC (Active Body Control) suspension with little roll and a soft cozy comfort. Supported by the wind whispering vocals and leather chairs, for which many would like to rearrange his apartment, even if it sits too high. The whole electrical Einstellgedöns raises the seat felt two inches of the standard seats. Now missing is at least € 118 346 - a lot for a car, appropriate for the Mercedes CL 500

Author: Al
Source: Autolatest & AMS

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