Iata de ce Dacia Duster nu a iesit Masina Anului in Europa!

Mai jos puteti sa urmariti motivele oficiale ale jurnalistilor care au facut parte din juriul Masina Anului In Europa.

Iata de ce Dacia Duster nu a iesit Masina Anului in Europa!
Pentru a intelege mai bine am atasat si tara de provenienta a fiecarui jurnalist cu mentiunea ca din Romania a participat doar unul singur care a punctat masina romaneasca cu nota 6!

Horst Bauer (Austria)

Dacia Duster: A compact SUV that upgrades the whole “budget-car”- segment by its classy design and good packaging. Obviously one does not get state-of-the-art technology, but what the Duster has to offer is still efficient for most customer-needs. A honest car, with a clear message: A cheap SUV does not have to look cheap.

Gerhard Nöhrer (Austria)

Dacia Duster: Dacia is the marque that has surprised us – and the competitors – recently the most. The Romanian cut-price marque has scored a hit. This SUV offers excellent value: a low-budget car that makes the most of it. This awfully good-looking car and its solid road performance draws attention and makes you think about your requirements.

Peter Aaboe (Denmark)

Dacia Duster is not on the Danish market, but even if it was low price is not enough to be taken into consideration.

Alain-Gabriel Verdevoye (France)

Dacia Duster: This year, the real useful innovation for the consumer is here. Such a car at that tag price is a true revolution, both in terms of general concept and industrialization. It’s at least 50% less expensive than more or less comparable rivals. And production in a so-called low cost country only partly explains such a low price. Renault totally rethought automobile. Most certainly, the Duster is noisy, not much refined. But it is also a true car, attractive, practical, versatile, roomy, safe, comfortable and far from unpleasant to drive. Even the 4x2 derivative offers off-road abilities that many twice more expensive 4x4 can envy. A real bargain for the motorist, and with the benefit of low running costs. Its success is such than the Rumanian factory cannot meet demand.

Thomas Imhof (Germany)

Dacia Duster: There is no doubt that this is a decent car for the money. You get a 4-wheel Nissan-derived drivetrain and Renault-engines from 13.700 Euros onwards, plus a 4x2 derivative for only 11.900 Euros. All wrapped into a rather good-looking shell but with a poor safety package (ESP only available for the stronger Diesel), hard plastics and a sluggish handling. And it is named after a semi-fastback version of the 1970-76 Plymouth Valiant…..

Georg Kacher (Germany)

Dacia Duster : Forget the petrol version handicapped by the five-speed box. The only Duster worth having is the bigger diesel with the six-speed transmission, four-wheel drive and ESP. Even fully loaded, the Logan- derived crossover won´t set you back more than 20,000 Euro. But you get what you pay for: an uninviting cabin, ponderous handling, plenty of mechanical noise and not much street cred. In terms of space efficiency, practicality and go-anywhere appeal, the Duster´s only rival is a used SUV.

Jos Vroomans (Netherlands)

Dacia Duster: Dacia has done a great job in making a reasonably priced, tough looking SUV. There’s one big problem tough: ESP is available only on the most expensive versions. Too bad, because ESP is an important safety feature on a car like this.

Vadim Ovsiankin (Russia)

Dacia Duster – compact SUV for everyone. For the price of 10,900 euros offers a comfortable, safe and fairly efficient car with a good 105-horsepower engine and a lot of options. Yes, there is no innovation there, Duster needs more informative steering, brakes and so on, but for value for money Dacia Duster is the best offer on the market. The right vehicle at the right time.

Sergio Piccione (Spain)

Dacia Duster: Good design, roominess, safe enough and has an excellent relation value for money. To be improved: the noise isolation.

Lasse Holmström (Sweden)

Dacia Duster : Value for money, but in Sweden without esp as standard and only avaliable as option with the diesel engine. That is poor on a modern car.

Urs Bärtschi (Switzerland)

Dacia Duster: The Dacia Duster impresses because it offers everything that an affordable and robust SUV has to have. Its technical kinship with the longer known Renault/Nissan models costs it a more favourable position in the ranking. Nevertheless, it makes an independent and likeable impression, and is sure to be a success.

Steve Cropley (United Kingdom)

Dacia Duster : Great-looking machine that offers startling value, a surprisingly handy range of options, looks terrific and drives really well. Only thing that stops me from giving it more points is that they won’t make it in right-hand-drive until 2012 – and will that version be as good?

Phil McNamara (United Kingdom)

Dacia Duster : If customers’ budgets are really stretched, won’t they just buy used? Or if they’re hell-bent on a new car, won’t they choose something with more prestige and quality? I can see the Duster’s appeal in emerging markets, but I’ll take a Yeti’s extra polish instead

John Simister (United Kingdom)

Dacia Duster : Old technology repackaged as a bargain-basement SUV. It works very well, with an appealing simplicity in an over-complicated world. A fine antidote to excess which matches a new consumer mood, but hardly a Car of the Year.

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